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In 2015, the international environment was complex and changeable, and domestic economic development entered a new normal. GDP achieved 7.4% growth and operated smoothly. Our industry enterprises have taken active measures to adjust the product structure and improve product quality in order to adapt to the national economic development, the industry economy is running smoothly, and the main economic indicators such as output and efficiency have grown moderately.
I heard this conversation soon after the introduction of the new Environmental Protection Law. This part is called "the most stringent environmental law in history". It has attracted wide attention since its inception. Among them, "measured by the day" is even more discussed. Abrasives industry, as the "three high" industry, if strictly in accordance with the new "Environmental Protection Law", many companies may be difficult to maintain due to environmental protection.
Corundum is divided into natural corundum and artificial corundum. Natural corundum is a pure alumina (Al2O3). The main mineral component of artificial corundum is physical corundum. Artificial corundum is divided into brown corundum (A), white corundum (WA), chrome corundum (PA), zirconium corundum (ZA), black corundum (BA), single crystal corundum (SA), microcrystalline corundum (MA) and the like. The brown corundum is mainly made by using aluminum bauxite, iron filings and anthracite in the electric arc furnace by melting and reducing impurities; white corundum is obtained by melt crystallization of aluminum oxide powder in an electric arc furnace; other corundum is different in alumina content. A certain amount of other oxide-derived substances having different properties are added during the melting process. A large number of corundum applications are brown corundum and white corundum.
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