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The pain of environmental protection in the abrasives industry

"Pharaoh, you are still dare to arbitrarily discharge the waste water, and finely punished your money. Today, you will be fined one thousand yuan and two thousand tomorrow."

"Nothing, I have someone on the top, there will be a notice when I check."

I heard this conversation soon after the introduction of the new Environmental Protection Law. This part is called "the most stringent environmental law in history". It has attracted wide attention since its inception. Among them, "measured by the day" is even more discussed. Abrasives industry, as the "three high" industry, if strictly in accordance with the new "Environmental Protection Law", many companies may be difficult to maintain due to environmental protection.

Rao is so, more companies are not embarrassed about the new "Environmental Protection Law". In their view, although the new law, such as Sun Wukong, generally has the ability to pass the sky, but still can not escape the palm of the Buddha. The old King just now is a good example: although the law is very strict and the rules are very fine, the phrase "I have someone on the head" can solve many things. The so-called rules and regulations are a piece of paper and a form. Under such circumstances, decades of pollution control have never changed the reality of the grim environment.

It is true that the issue of environmental protection cannot be expected to be single-handed by administrative and legal means. Enterprises are the top priority in the environmental protection process. The new "Environmental Protection Law" has put forward higher requirements for the manufacturing industry. In the past, some enterprises occasionally experienced excessive discharge, and fabricated "contamination facilities, repairs, damages or temporary According to the requirements of the new "Environmental Protection Law," as long as the requirements of the new "Environmental Protection Law" are severely punished, the company will not meet the standard for discharge and will not be corrected. The relevant penalties will not impose an upper limit, and the law also gives law enforcement agencies the seizure and seizure related. The serious pollution of the rights of enterprises, the serious circumstances will also limit the personal freedom of business leaders, this "combination boxing" makes the "polluting enterprises" who want to rely on the payment of a single ticket nowhere. Under this pressure, some powerful enterprises "the technical transformation of the technological transformation", "the equipment on the environmental protection equipment", the real action of the real gun, to avoid being eliminated in this wave And some weaker companies can only do things with their tails and sneaky things.

As far as abrasives and abrasives companies are concerned, in recent years, under the influence of the domestic and international economic situation, meager profits have caused many abrasives and abrasives enterprises to be on the verge of bankruptcy. The new "Environmental Protection Law" introduced at this time is undoubtedly worse for the abrasives and abrasives enterprises. Compared with the big companies that "I have people above", more can only accept "high-volume tickets" and "purchase expensive equipment". Choose one of the two, whichever is the best choice for the meager profit.

Our economy has achieved rapid development in recent decades, but it has also paid a heavy price. Shanxi’s “coal consumption” has spurred Beijing’s real estate. They are making pollution and escaping pollution. When the mining areas are seriously polluted At the time, it is the local people and residents. In the field of abrasives with high energy consumption and high pollution, the sword of Damocles, called the new "Environmental Protection Law" on the head, forced us to reflect. It should also reflect on how to develop is sustainable. Is it neither illegal nor contrary to conscience?

All along, we believe that natural resources such as air and water are inexhaustible. Now we understand how important fresh air and clean water are. The increasingly serious environmental problems are not just problems of the country and enterprises. It has become an important issue of people's livelihood. The introduction of the new "Environmental Protection Law" will greatly promote environmental governance, but pollution control and ecological restoration are a gradual process of "sickness like silking." It must have the courage of a strong man and a broken wrist, as well as the patience of dripping water. Production methods, lifestyles, ways of thinking and values ​​are adjusted and coordinated accordingly. Only when the most stringent environmental protection system, the most urgent needs of the people's livelihood and the practicable governance and repair methods cope with each other can the beautiful homes of sky blue, green land and water nets be reproduced as scheduled.