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R & D Center

The company has its own R&D team, which is mainly divided into product formula R&D team and product technology R&D team. Among them, the product formula R&D team has more than 30 R&D personnel, mainly based on ceramic bond, metal bond and resin bond.

To ensure that formula development work is quickly verified, the company has set up a product development team and after-sales service department to perform end-to-end services from internal verification to external tracking verification.

Obtaining corporate qualifications and honors

Provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers

Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base

Henan High-tech Enterprise

More than 10 national patents

Introduction of bonding agent

Self-developed microcrystalline abrasive binder with excellent comprehensive performance

At present, CNC grinding machines have been widely used, and the linear speed during grinding has been increased to 150-200 m/s. However, the traditional ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel has serious defects in high-speed and high-efficiency processing, namely, bonding agent pair. The holding strength of CBN abrasive grains is not high enough, and the CBN abrasive grains fall off too fast during the processing. This not only can not meet the high-efficiency processing requirements of the grinding machine, but also makes the processing cost much higher. Our company draws on the technical experience of developed industrial countries to develop. A glass-ceramic binder is used in place of the traditional ceramic binder for CBN grinding wheels to meet the requirements of new high-speed grinding machines.

Advantages of glass-ceramic binder

Glass-ceramic means that the base glass to which a specific composition of a nucleating agent is added is heat-treated at a certain temperature, and a large amount of minute crystals are uniformly deposited inside the glass, and are filled in the glass phase. Therefore, glass ceramics are also called glass ceramics. It has high strength (the refractive strength of glass-ceramic is 223 Mpa, the traditional ceramic bond itself has a flexural strength of only 26-50 Mpa), and the thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range (the traditional ceramic bond is difficult to achieve with Matching, but it is easy to achieve in the glass-ceramic binder, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, dielectric loss, electrical insulation and other properties.

Abrasive introduction

According to different grinding technology requirements and different manufacturers, the appropriate abrasives are selected for the different life and efficiency of the grinding wheel. All the abrasives are selected by International (Element Six) and domestic first-line brands (Zhongnan, Fu Nike, etc.).

Auxiliary materials introduction

Advanced grinding wheel with technical concept