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Superhard Abrasive Nanodiamond

Another new benchmark in the super-hard materials industry - the "super-hard abrasive nano-diamond" industry standard was officially promulgated!

The latest news: On December 31, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China officially approved the industry standard “Superhard Abrasive Nanodiamond” formulated by Henan Province Joint Abrasives Co., Ltd. as the host.

As an international and domestic diamond and product research and development and production enterprise, our company has conducted in-depth research on nano-diamonds in 2006, and has carried out large-scale production. It has won 4 patents of this project, and its technical level has reached the domestic leading level. .

In August 2010, the company submitted an application for the development of nano-diamond industry standards to the National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee. In October 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved our company as the host of the nano-diamond industry standard. Since 2012, the company has established a working group in accordance with the standard-setting process, and completed the drafting of the industry standard draft “super-hard abrasive nano-diamonds”, the draft for comments, the draft for review, and the draft for approval, in phases with the industry participants. At the beginning of the year, the approval report will be submitted to the Standards Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It took five years to finally complete the positive results.

In the process of standard setting, the company has mastered more than 100 items of advanced technology, test methods and inspection rules; it provides a technical benchmark for the production, inspection, testing and application of domestic nano-diamonds, filling an important product standard for the super-hard abrasive industry. Blank; improve the company's recognition in the market and the visibility of the industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

In the future development, the joint will always adhere to technological innovation, continue to promote technology upgrades as its mission, promote product innovation, industry progress, and provide more superior products for the market!